Source code for padmet_utils.connection.modelSeed_to_padmet

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-


    usage: --output=FILE --rxn_file=FILE --pwy_file=FILE [-v]
        -h --help     Show help.
        --output=FILE    path of the padmet file to create
        --rxn_file=FILE   path to json file of modelSeed reactions
        --pwy_file=FILE   path to pathway reactions association from modelSeed
        -v   print info.
from padmet.utils.connection import modelSeed_to_padmet
import docopt

[docs]def main(): #parsing args args = docopt.docopt(__doc__) output = args["--output"] verbose = args["-v"] rxn_file = args["--rxn_file"] pwy_file = args["--pwy_file"] modelSeed_to_padmet.modelSeed_to_padmet(rxn_file, pwy_file, output, verbose)
if __name__ == "__main__": main()